Govt adapted strategy to cover infrastructure deficit in education

Date published: Monday, 28th March 2016

New strategy to eliminate schools under trees
President John Dramani Mahama has lashed out at critics of his schools under trees programme, saying, it is a work in progress.
Speaking at the annual Tortsogbeza Festival of the chiefs and people of Sokpoe in the South Tongu District of the Volta Region, President Mahama said his administration has a strategy in place to eliminate all schools under trees by 2020.
2010 schools under trees survey
“In 2010 when we did a survey of schools under trees or substandard schools, there were 4,210 of them and we undertook the schools under trees programme and since then, we’ve built more than 1,700 schools all over the country.”
President Mahama said government concedes that “there are still schools that are substandard and under trees and I never said anywhere that we’ve replaced all the schools under trees with modern schools.”
“…So sometimes when you see political quantity surveyors going around and showing a school under a tree, I’ve never said we’ve taken out all the schools under trees, we are taking them out and it is our expectation that by 2020 no Ghanaian child should be studying under a tree. I believe that all those political quantity surveyors if they had put in the same efforts we are putting in, by now we would have eliminated all schools under trees.”
The President also explained that the strategy adopted by government will ensure that the infrastructure deficit in the educational sector is covered.
“So we have a strategy for doing it, we’ve committed the 216 district assemblies to annually from now to 2020, replace two schools under trees. Government is going to build another 1,000 schools to remove schools under trees,” he added.


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