Video: 50 NGO girls go nude for Amakye and Dede movie premiere

Date published: Saturday, 26th March 2016

Kalybos and Majid Michel co-starring in Amakye and Dede 
With just some few hours to the premiere of the biggest movie this year from the makers of Kalybos in China, has learned from a source that some girls are coming bra-less to the premiere.
We were wrecked in shock and happiness all at once when we heard of the news, so we asked our source what was the main intent for these 50 girls wanting to come to a whole premiere BRA-LESS.
“These 50 girls are members of an NGO that is helping to fight breast cancer and they have chosen to go bra-less because they’ve also learned that, 1000s of Ghanaians will throng the West Hills mall, tomorrow, March 26th for the premiere of the biggest movie premiere in the year.
The feel, they can get their message across in their provocative dresses.”
The source said. “They have placards they will be holding to get their message across, so something really  educative can be learned at the premiere.” she continued.
It appears, this movie “Amakye & Dede” has triggered too much excitement among many Ghanaians and everyone just cannot afford to miss the premiere.
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