Doubting Thomases should contact KPMG for results

Date published: Monday, 4th April 2016

After sixteen years of organizing the most prestigious music awards ceremony in Ghana, many pundits and music fans have stood on the issue of transparency to inquire why organizers would not publish the results for accumulated votes.

They have argued that the public votes for their favorite nominees and deserves to know how the voting went after the main event.

But Nii Ayittey Hammond, board chairman of the scheme, has said organisers cannot manipulate the results since event statistician, KPMG, prides on integrity.

According to him, KPMG supervises and compiles the votes and it is proper for anyone who doubts the results to see the accounting firm for verification.

“You can go to KPMG; you can get the results. You want to challenge it so go to them. They have the results; they have a reputation at stake. They sit at the venue till the event ends to ensure that what they submitted is what is being said,” he told Kwame Dadzie on Flex On Pluzz, Sunday.

Mr Ayittey Hammond mentioned that the voting is done by an academy, the board and the public, adding that in all these events, there is tight supervision from KPMG.

“They go directly to the content provider for the public votes. When the academy is voting, they are present and collect everybody’s votes; same as when the board votes. Then they compile and come out with the results,” he said.

The big question however is, why should artistes go to KPMG when they did not contract the auditing firm?


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