I had sex with UT bank boss a lot of times - Mzbel opens up

Date published: Thursday, 24th March 2016

“Oh yeah a lot of times,” was the response controversial and outspoken hiplife songstress Mzbel uttered to TV host Deloris Frimpong-Manso in a yet to air episode of the Delay Show on Viasat1.
Known in private life as Belinda Ekua Amoah, Mzbel finally hinted she had been sexually intimate with Kofi Amoabeng, founder of UT Bank.
She said “oh yeah a lot of times,” when asked by the host if she got intimate with Kofi Amoabeng.
Her admission, according to, "may be news to some people while it may not, to others who knew of their union."
The two sexual partners had kept their relationship very secret until Mzbel finally opened up to Delay.
The multiple hit singer continued she had a sexual relationship with Amoabeng as was speculated earlier.
Regarding her darling Aaron [her son], Mzbel also had to respond to questions surrounding the paternity of the boy.
Kofi Amoabeng
Earlier reports by Myjoyonline on July 3, 2014, also saw her making some wild statements regarding marriage life.
She stated: “I am not looking forward to marriage because I do not want to feel dedicated to anyone. I want to be my own woman and infact, I am enjoying being a single parent.”
“I have no problem being in a relationship; infact, I am currently dating but marriage is a no go area for me. I am a hard working woman with three kids and all this while, I have been doing everything on my own so I don’t see the reason why I would allow myself to be pinned down all in the name of love and marriage. I want to be a free bird,” she explained.
In an answer to why she had reached that decision she replied: “it is simple; I do not want any one to disturb my peace. You know as soon as you get married, it’s like there are some rules that you need to follow and I am not ready to abide by those rules.
“I nearly got married this year [2014] but I declined after thinking through and realising that marriage was not meant for me. I don’t want to feel obliged to cook or do certain things for any man. With my current single mother status, as and when I feel like doing something, I do it and so far I love it.”
She has to her credit hit songs as "Run Away, Saucy Girl, Yopoo, Bon3, Awoso Me, Legelege, San Bra, E Dey Be, Twe Ma Me Sweet and San Bra."


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