Israeli investors target Ghana to ending Africa’s energy challenges

Date published: Tuesday, 3rd May 2016

Ghana is set to benefit from an improvement in the country’s energy sector as it welcomes foreign investments into the sector.

Citi Business News understands that some Israeli energy companies have initiated discussions with government to provide renewable energy solutions to end the current energy challenges.

The Israeli Ambassador to Ghana, Ami Mehl who disclosed this to Citi Business News also indicated that the companies have experiences in providing medium to long-term solutions which will make Ghana a net energy exporter.

“Ghana should supply enough electricity for its needs and Israeli businessmen can and do have these kind of solutions for Ghana. We have the solutions all over; whether it is solar energy or any other renewable energy solution. We have companies most of whom are private companies to come here to build here in Ghana to supply the electricity,” he explained.

Ambassador Ami Mehl further urged government to take advantage of the offer from the Israelis to became self sufficient in the provision of power.

“One of the problems that I am sure everybody knows is the shortage of electricity which is known here as dumsor and the fact that Ghana is leading Africa with shortage of electricity is not good enough…We can do it; it is just a matter of money and you can say Israeli companies are trying to enter the Ghanaian market because we are in discussions with the government in that regard.”

Ghana’s energy sector has been bedeviled with challenges due to the inability of power producers to meet demand.

The power challenge plunged the country into a crisis situation which lasted for about three years.

The effects on businesses as well as individuals were also unbearable as some industries were compelled to embark on massive layoffs to allow them cope with the situation.

Meanwhile, Ambassador Ami Mehl tells Citi Business News the embassy will soon establish an Israeli – Ghana Chamber of Commerce as an opportunity to promote trade among the two countries.

“The Ghanaian businessmen will have the opportunity to export more to Israel, the same time we want to help increase the export of the Israeli companies to Ghana. I think the Ghanaian market is leading the African markets as Africa is the future of the world so we have to do more businesses here especially in Ghana. There we will have a chamber opened soon in the month of May this year.”


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