Labour expert urges Tigo ‘workers’ to sue agency over unpaid maternity leave

Date published: Thursday, 7th April 2016

Roshi Motman,Tigo CEO

Labour expert, Austin Gammey has advised affected employees of Reliance Personnel Services, a contractor and recruiting agency for Tigo Ghana, to register legal charges against the management over their refusal to pay employees during maternity leave.

A memo reported to have been circulated to the Reliance staff of Tigo Ghana, stated that employees who wanted to go on maternity leave will have to apply for a break, adding, that the leave will be without pay.

It further stated that such employees could reapply for their position after the break but will only be re-engaged upon availability of the job and performance.

But speaking to Citi Business News, Austin Gammey said the conduct, breached section 57 of the Labour Act.

According to him, the employees could seek redress upon a formal complaint to the National Labour Commission.

“Some of the options opened to the women concerned are to report to the National Labour Commission or the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection for the matter to be addressed,” Mr. Gammey stated.

He added, “Tigo Ghana should be concerned and worried about this kind of situation, it must take immediate steps to put the outsourcing company to order because these are young women who are getting married and you cannot stop them from having babies just because of work. I think this is not fair.”

On whether or not legal action can be taken against Tigo Ghana for its role in this situation, Austin Gammey said, “Tigo can be sued together with the recruiting agency because to some extent, they are partners in the situation.”

Meanwhile, when Citi Business News contacted the management of Reliance Personnel Services they declined to comment on the matter.

Also, efforts to reach Tigo for a response were unsuccessful.


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