Mahama opens part of Eastern corridor road at Dodo

Date published: Wednesday, 20th April 2016

President John Dramani Mahama has underscored government’s commitment to opening up the Eastern stretch of the country to viable opportunities through the construction of the Eastern Corridor road.

According to the President, government is gradually fulfilling its promise of constructing the roads in that part of the country citing ongoing works as evidence.

He described the work ongoing on the Dodo-Pepesu-Nkwanta stretch as one of the best roads he has seen so far in the country.

Speaking as part of his’Accounting to the People tour’ in the Volta Region, the President pledged his commitment to improve the lives of the people in that part of the country through the provision of such infrastructure.

“If you’ve monitored the news in recent times, I’m sure you will know that I went to the Western Region, from there I came to the Eastern Region and you would ask; what is my mission?  Well my mission is that I’ve started what I call Accounting to the People tour and today it’s the turn of the Volta region."

“I’m delighted that we began nowhere else but here at Dodo Pepesu to commission the Dodo-Pepesu-Nkwanta road so that people will know that we are working hard on the much-talked about Eastern corridor road.”

President Mahama noted that there are people who have been pessimistic about the Eastern Corridor project, stating that the Dodo-Pepesu-Nkwanta stretch which covers about 46.4 kilimoters of the Eastern corridor road, signifies the end of the work on the first phase.

“When we talk about the Eastern Corridor road, many people think that there is nothing going on here. But today the Dodo Pepesu Nkwanta stretch that I’m commissioning signifies the end of the work on the first phase of the road. It is a 46.4 kilometer stretch of the eastern corridor road that has been worked on and if you take a look at the quality of the road, you can only admire the good work done. I don’t think that there is any other road in Ghana that is more pleasing to the eye than this one. The road will brings immense benefits to the people of this area,” he added.


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