Strong tidal waves displace hundreds in Keta

Date published: Monday, 25th April 2016

A house hit by tidal waves

Strong tidal waves have for the fourth time this year displaced hundreds of residents and destroyed properties on island communities of the Keta municipality in the Volta region, Sunday.

Affected communities include Fuveme, Kporkporgbor, Dzita and Anyanui.

The situation has forced residents in the affected areas to vacate their homes to families and friends in neighbouring towns as a temporary measure, as hundreds of houses and schools have been submerged in floods.

Volta Region Correspondent, Ivy Setordzi, reported that school buildings have also been affected.

In Fuveme for instance, she reported teaching and learning materials have been moved from schools to a safer place as they risk destruction.

Residents blame unfulfilled promises by the government to complete the Keta Sea Defence.

“Government has deceived us for far too long and it is time to redeem their promise by coming to our rescue before the worst happens,” a resident told the reporter.

MP for Anlo, Clement Kumasi Humado, who visited the area said the situation called for a review of the coastal defence project.

“Many people are homeless and I wonder where they will be able to spend the night. The situation is quite serious,“ Humado admitted.

For what has become an annual occurrence, the Keta municipality experience not less than four strong tidal waves in a year.

For residents of Dzita and Anyanui, this is the fourth time they have had to leave their homes due to floods caused by the tidal waves.


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