US election: Ohio State governor Kasich falls out of Republican presidential race

John Kasich

Donald Trump's other fierce competitor, John Kasich has dropped out of the Republican Presidential race Wednesday.

He has cancelled a planned press briefing earlier today and also suspended the presidential campaign.

He called it quits a day after rival Ted Cruz lost the Indianapolis primary to Trump and officially dropped out of the race.

Therefore, Trump now has become the presumptive republican nominee for the 2016 presidential election to be held in November.

Trump won at least 51 of 57 possible delegates awarded in Indiana and his victory in the state pushed him to 1,047 delegates of the 1,237 needed to clinch the nomination.

Governor Kasich, on the other hand, got 153 while Cruz had 565 delegates before suspending his campaign Tuesday.

The Ohio governor was Trump's last GOP contender. However, he is not in a position to endorse Trump today.



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