Camerounian Catholic priest impregnates Ghanaian student; calls for abortion

Date published: Friday, 15th April 2016

In a story of poisoned benevolence, a 24-year old student says she was harassed into having sex with a Catholic priest after he paid her tuition at the University.

Josephine Ganyoame says she had sex three times at the residence of a Camerounian Catholic priest based in Ghana, Rev Father Yves-Lucien Evaga Njana.

After the sexual encounters resulted in a pregnancy, Josephine says the priest, vowed to be celibate, told her to “flush it out”, she told Joy News' Kwetey Nartey.

“I said what? I am not ready to kill”, she shot back at him. The misunderstanding over the future of the foetus has degenerated into drama. The priest said he used a condom and so won't condone any notion of paternity.

Ms. Ganyoame says the priest has once chased her with his car after she ran out of a clinic in her non-negotiable refusal to abort the pregnancy.

Ms. Ganyoame has also had to hunt down the priest to his home after he refused to pick several calls, serving as his version of stubborn refusal to accept responsibility of her pregnancy.

Ms. Ganyoame has also fought back the demand for a private paternity test, adding that "If there has to be a test, it will have to be ordered by a court."
The gridlock of demands and counter-demands have landed in court.

Josephine remembered how she met the Catholic priest. “I met this guy on the Ghana link road when he nearly knocked me down with a car”.

It was at a point of near death. But the two have departed from each other at the point of life - an eight-month old baby has been born.

Josephine says after pursuing her for sex, she is now pursuing him for responsibility.

When Josephine first told her friends of the advances of the Catholic priest, they told her “my friend…if someone is looking after you in school just allow him - it is normal”.

But life has not been normal since the day priest paid the tuition of  'any school of her choice'.


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