Fetish priest claims Obinim bribed police to stop him from coming out of his home

Date published: Tuesday, 12th April 2016

Bishop Daniel Obinim and his entourage at the Kumasi Jubilee Park

Okomfo Nana Yaw Appiah, the Kumasi-based fetish priest who claims he spiritually aided Bishop Daniel Obinim, has told that his absence from the anticipated spiritual battle at the  Kumasi Jubilee Park was not out of fear, but rather because Obinim bribed some police officers to prevent him from coming out of his home.

Hundreds of eager spectators converged on Tuesday at the Kumasi Jubilee Park in the Ashanti Region, to witness the much-talked about spiritual showdown between the two; but Okomfo Appiah failed to show up to the disappointment of many.

Bishop Obinim arrived at the Jubilee Park around 9:30am and waited for about an hour before leaving the park, when it became obvious that the fetish priest was not going to show up.

But speaking to, Okomfo Appiah said he was ready to face Bishop Obinim to expose him as a fraud but he was held back by police allegedly sent by Obinim. “Obinim is a liar and a thief.

He paid money to the police to come to my home and prevent me from leaving.

Police have been at my house since this morning… You said I should come and face you and I am ready but police comes to my house and said they wont let me leave. What does that mean?” a bitter Okomfo Appiah ranted.

He also rubbished claims that he was detained by police to prevent any serious incident from occurring, “Why is it that when two people are going to fight, one person was restrained in his house and the other was allowed to walk free.”

Okomfo Appiah insisted that he bestowed on Obinim the spiritual powers he uses and stressed that he was fraudulent character.

“I gave him his power. Obinim is a liar and a thief. He is using his money to buy people in this country,” he alleged.

It must noted however, that Obinim also at one point failed to show up at the studios of Accra-based Happy FM, where the two were expected to meet for a similar showdown.


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