Royalhouse Chapel overseer fires back at Obinim

Date published: Tuesday, 8th March 2016

Apostle General Sam Korankaye Ankrah
Leader of the Royalhouse Chapel International, Apostle General Sam Korankaye Ankrah, has shot back at Bishop Daniel Obinim’s recent attacks on his personality and calling as a Christian pastor.
Obinim, leader of the International God’s Way Church, has put out a series of video recording in which he was verbally insulting, threatening and castigating Korankye Ankrah.
The recordings were done on Obinim’s OBTV and broadcast live on television before it went viral on social media.
Korankye Ankrah, during a sermon to his congregation on Sunday morning responded to what Obinim had said, “This morning as I was coming someone met me at the gate and she said ‘Apostle General ohooo, I’m very sorry oooo, it was not easy on television at all herrrrr, the insults!’; so I asked her, ‘how do you go and tune in to that nonsense?’ Then I said to her, ‘this morning you have to go to the altar for deliverance because you have been polluted’. Then I said to her, ‘my ears are only for good news.
“Then somebody who does not come to Royalhouse Chapel, if you read social media, they replied all our accusers. And one of them lined up my accusers and finished them very well,” Korankye Ankrah told his congregation
He continued… “And one of the things that he accused my accusers was that he said look at those who are attacking those who are attacking Apostle General. Between you and Apostle General, who knows doctrine? As he knew, I was coming to talk about doctrine.
“Anybody who does not know doctrine, you can see it from their attitude ad their lies and their fruits. That’s why I decided I would be quiet. Because there are people who are speaking for me. I don’t need to defend myself. There are people who are defending me. Why should I waste my energy?”
For ethical and professional reasons, the words Obinim used in describing Korankye Ankrah cannot be republished in print. Most of them were high voltage insults and swear words.
Obinim also accused Korankye Ankrah of being an adulterous pastor though no evidence whatsoever were given to substantiate the claim.
Interestingly, it was rather Bishop Obinim, who is on record to have confessed on public radio that he was involved in an adulterous relationship with the wife of one of his junior pastors.
Obinim also warned that if Korankye Ankrah does not tread cautiously, there would be a confrontation between the two churches and added that he, Obinim, had a larger congregation.
Obinim did his insult-filled television attacks after Korankye Ankrah passed comments on a public claim by the former that he had special powers to transform himself into a snake and then back into human.
Korankye Ankrah, speaking on Starr FM’s Wednesday Starr Chat with Bola Ray last week, described Bishop Obinim’s supposed ‘snake-man’ ability as “unbiblical, unchristian, magical” and added, “I don’t know what came up of him.” 
Korankye Ankrah said though he and other pastors have not condemned Bishop Obinim, “we are willing to help him if only he will allow it. We won’t give up on him and we haven’t condemned him as well.” 
Korankye Ankrah continued…“People are making fun (of the Christian faith) and I feel ashamed and the question is who is bringing the preacher (Obinim) to book? Who is ensuring before you mount the pulpit, you are qualified and licensed to do that?” he quizzed.


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