Social media exposes innocent Ghanaians to criminals

Date published: Friday, 25th March 2016

The act of sharing family challenges and pictures on social media has exposed many innocent Ghanaians to criminals, says senior staff of Roverman Production, Kabutey Ocansey.
He said the least disagreement people have with their spouse, parents and siblings they take to social media to share with their friends.
He also said people post pictures of their wives in labor wards, newborn babies and home gadgets, which are personal and not good for everyone to know what is going in one's life and how many gadgets one has.
Speaking on the Joy FM’s Super Morning Show, Mr. Ocansey said some people also go to the extent of sharing minute details of where they are and where they will next be going on Facebook without regard to the danger in providing such information.
According to him, some of these people who share their personal pictures and family challenge are interested in the number of likes they will receive and not the safety of their family.
“Why do we need to inform the whole world about every second of our day?” he asked adding Ghanaians need to learn to live their lives without letting the world know.
He said many of the home burglary cases recorded in the country could have been avoided if people had been careful with how they share their personal information on social media and with their friends.
Commenting on the impact of social media on the theater industry in Ghana, Mr. Ocansey said the use of social media platforms especially Snapchat has created a kind of a nuisance to the business in the country.
According to him, people who attend productions end up using Snapchat to send videos of the production to friends adding this has created low attendance to their productions because the videos of those shows have already been circulated to the public.
He advised Ghanaians to run a background check on the people they accept as friends on Facebook, LinkedIn and Snapchat.
Another guest on the show, a member of the Public Relations Department of the Ghana Police Service, Freeman Tettey, said Ghanaians should learn to profile everyone staying with them to know who they are, where they are, and who they are related to so that in the event of a robbery, they will know who to contact.
He cautioned Ghanaians to look out for the people they call "true" friends adding they may end up leaking one's personal information in exchange for money from criminals.


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